Buy to let is buying a property with an intention of letting out to tenants. You may buy a home to live in and later due to change of circumstances let it out or you may buy a property just because you liked the property or because of the good bargain who get and instead of keeping the property vacant you would let it out. In all these cases you are an "accidental landlord". Whereas, in 'buy to let' you are a landlord by choice. You buy a property with the sole aim of letting it and make money through rental income.

Aims of buy to let investing

Regular rental income and good capital growth are the two aims of buy to let investing( with vector).

Some Basics

Since strong rental returns is the backbone of buy to let investing, the factors involved in choosing a buy to let property are different from other property investments. Some of the basics are:

Choosing the right property

Consider the following points while choosing a property in buy to let:

  •   What kind of property is snapped up immediately by prospective tenants?

  •   Is there a rental demand in the area, is the demand going to increase in the near future (new centers of employment in the horizon)?

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  •   Is the property is fit to rent.?

  •   Who are the target tenants?

  •   How close is the property to their place of work?

  •   How close are the transport links, amenities, and business centers?

  •   If you are renting to families, are there good schools nearby?

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Hand on or hands off Landlord

Land lording requires your time and involvement , such as finding the right tenant, regular inspection, maintenance, rent collection etc Consider how involved you wish to be with the property.

  •   Do you have the time to be a hands on landlord, taking care of every complexity or are you a hands off armchair landlord.

  •   The concept of arm chair property has become very popular in recent years especially among those who have a busy lifestyle.

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  •   In a fully managed arm chair investment you leave the management of your property to a specialist. You can literally enjoy the fruits of your investment from the comfort of your armchair.

  •    The choice of the property requires this consideration .If you are hands on landlord buy a property close to where you are living, if you are a armchair investor you may buy in any location taking into consideration only the returns on investment.

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Exit strategy

Apart from regular rental income making money out of capital growth is another aim of buy to let.

  •   When the property prices go up your investment also grows.

  •   There may be many reasons for you to exit by selling the property.

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  •   Have a clear exit strategy, plan when you are going to sell the property so that you can easily liquidate the asset and exit whenever required.

  •   Invest in a location where reselling will be easy.

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How it Works

We Have Creativity And Knowledge To Development

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    Choice is the factor

    At home keez we offer properties which are handpicked after much research and survey. We meticulously collect all relevant data and short list only those properties that meet our strict quality criteria. We share all these data with you. We also advice you on the rental income and the property appreciation you can expect so that you make a conscious well informed purchasing choice.

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    Will this work for you

    We have designed and redesigned the process so as to give you... We offer properties on buy to let which are shortlisted with lot of care and passion. Every property we offer will be meticulously managed by us. From advertising your space to rent collection very single step is professionally handled by home keez, so as to give you complete peace of mind and enhanced earning.

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    Your real estate investment

    Enhanced Rental Yield, appreciation, resale

    At home keez, letting is our bread and butter. We offer you enhanced rental yield due to our strong network and innovation. Your property will be professionally managed so that the sanctity and decorum of your house is maintained. In case you would like to resell your property in the future, home keez will facilitate the reselling through its strong sales force .


Handpicked properties that yield high rental income.

Choosing the right property which can yield regular rental income ,as well as have an attractive capital growth requires time, effort and fair amount of research.
Home keez offers carefully selected properties, handpicked after lot of research, those that qualify our quality criteria, those that can yield high rental income, as well as capital growth, those that can be resold easily.

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